Lim Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak
@ Since 1983

Mr LIM, Lim Fried Chicken (LFC)’s Founder. He and his wife, they started this stall. He is solely in charge of frying the chicken while his wife and now both his sons handle the rest of the work, ladling out nasi lemak and chee cheong fun.


Specialty 1: Deep-fried chicken

The chicken has crispy skin and tender, juicy and succulent meat. A great accompaniment to the nasi lemak. Popular as a takeaway item too.

Specialty 2: Curry chee cheong fun

The fried chicken served with smooth chee cheong fun (flat rice noodle) and curry gravy. Spicy and delicious.

Other specialties:

* Curry mutton
* Sambal sotong

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